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Paula Heaney - Cambridge (Ben Graham - King's Lynn 18.11.12)

What a great day for both rider and spectator! Really well organised with lots of track time. Given that he's quick fit and active, it was interesting how exhausted Ben was. Needless to say, he wants to do it all over again. I'll know what to get him for his birthday again next year, but I suspect you'll be seeing again well before next September.

The certificate has pride of place in the downstairs loo - together with all our other racing memorabilia.


Andy Hunt - Haddenham (King's Lynn 18.11.12)

Thanks for a great day out at Kings Lynn speedway I really enjoyed the whole day, you and your team could not have been more welcoming or try any harder to make it such a brilliant day, I will be back for more so let me know when next years dates are available.

PS. I will slide a bike all the way round the corner !!


Ossie Lister - King's Lynn (King's Lynn 11.11.12)

It's now almost 2 weeks since I took part in your Ride n Slide Day at King's Lynn and I'm still buzzing!

I had wanted to have a go on a speedway bike for so long that I was really looking forward to finally having the opportunity to take a spin around a track and I wasn't disappointed. The day was so well organised by you and your Team that at all times I knew what was happening and what I could attempt to achieve. When I inspected the fence, a little too closely, your Team were quickly on hand to make sure I was all right and give me the support to recover my nerve so that I felt confident enough to get back on the bike and go out again without feeling pressured to do so. I was made to feel very welcome by everyone and felt that it was important to you and the Team that I had the best possible experience. The certificate and photo that you presented each of us, as a memento of the day, is currently taking pride of place in the dining room and was a great finishing touch.

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and the Team once again for such a brilliant day that I won't forget. Even though the shoulder is still a bit sore after the tumble I took, if I was able to do it again I would jump at the chance!


David Murphy - Rossendale (King's Lynn 11.11.12)

Just a quick note to say a massive thank you to you and your team for a fantastic day on Sunday 11th November. I had no expectations of being any good at it but with your expert guidance and encouragement everybody grew in confidence and ability. All your kit was first class, your bikes truly outstanding, your staff friendly and proffessional and as well as talking the talk they most definitely could walk the walk(they defied the laws of physics on those bikes)So once again Russ and Claire, thank you, I will be back again and will spread the word.


Brian Linley - Warrington (Barry Linley - King's Lynn 11.11.12)

On behalf of all my family, please accept our grateful thanks for a fantastic day at Kings Lynn on Sunday, Even though we were only there to watch and share the fun with Barry, we had a fantastic time.

The care , attention and enthusiasm of you and all your staff was clear for everyone to see, The structure of the day gave everyone the opportunity to make progress all day, and the final part of the day with the gating exercise was great fun and just completed a perfect "Speedway experience"

Having watched Speedway for years on TV and live, the whole day only served to enhance our appreciation of those guys that seem to do it so effortlessly.

Once again , Thanks for everything, The only thing i would like to see for the future would be the 2013 Ride n Slide calendar.....!
we have an increasing list of people wanting to share the experience in 2013, myself included,



Bradley Burgett - Ipswich (King's Lynn 11.11.12)

Thank you so much for amazing day and would like to go next year, I would like to thank everyone there who was helping as it made it easy to feel comfortable and great advice and guidance given. I cannot praise everyone enough!


Peter Howson - Peterborough (King's Lynn 11.11.12)

Just a quick note to say thank you for a brilliant day on Sunday. It was great to eventually get my bike out on a track and get a feel of it even though I didn't manage to slide. The day was very well organised and couldn't have asked for any better right down to the girls sorting out the kit and riding order to the ambulance crew and flag marshalls.

And a big thank you to you and Karl for passing on your extreme knowledge.

I am still half way through cleaning my bike!!! I will definitely be coming again soon and just again a very big thank you for a great day.


Fiona Kennedy - Halstead (Chris Kennedy - King's Lynn 21.10.12)

We all had a lovely day on Sunday. Chris thoroughly enjoyed it but was shattered at the end of the day. I was very impressed with the way the whole day was run, I thought it was very professional but relaxed and informal as well which was nice.
We were all made to feel very welcome and I am sure you will see us again as mum, dad and my husband are all talking about having a go now!! Think I will be doing a lot of watching and supporting next year!! take care.


Chris Kennedy - Ilford (King's Lynn - 21.10.12)

I know it was a few weeks ago now, but still buzzing from the day. You said you would welcome feedback, so thought I would add my 2 cents. Can't think of anything negative to say. I thought the day was very well organised, everyone was friendly, helpful and understanding. Especially Karl who pretty much pushed me for 4 laps to get me going! I thought the banana's/chocolate etc was a nice touch and the framed certificate as well, which went up on my bedroom wall straight away. I'm sure I will be back in the future for another go to see if I can progress a bit further. Thanks for a great day.


Allan Thornby - Ashford, Kent (Arena Essex 14.9.12)

Firstly, id like to say another massive thank you for such a fantastic day. Never before have i enjoyed so much pain going through my right arm! The only downside of the day being that i felt like id almost figured it out in my last few laps!
If you have a list for next year, can you put me down on it and let me know when the days will be.. i'll definitely be there (and by the sounds of it with my dad and mate)

I was trying to think of how i could be constructively critical, but i cant. The whole day was spot on and i personally wouldn't want anything different when i hopefully do it all again next year.

Just out of interest, do you have any suggestions as to where i could buy a bike and where to go/start off?

Thanks again for a fantastic day.


Jerry Hildreth - West Wickham (Arena Essex 14.9.12)

As far as feedback on the day I had a good time and I was in the company of friends which definitely helps. I could have had a better time had I not fallen so heavy the first time.
In your briefing you advise to stand and create a triangle heading into the corner and when the bike starts to lose grip, gently apply power. I hadn't anticipated that the front was also going to lose grip and wash out. As I progressed during the day I realised that I was too gentle/slow getting on the throttle.
Paul Mansell is talking about coming to Coventry next year so may join him for round 2 - watch this space.


Ian Howitt - Benfleet (Arena Essex 14.9.12)

I wish to thank you for the excellent day last Friday at Arena Essex, the home of my beloved Lakeside Hammers.
I have never ridden a speedway bike previously and was a little apprehensive beforehand. However, after my first ride I did not stop grinning and really did not want the day to end.

I have never had such a buzz in all my life and almost certainly will be back for more.

I have to say the organisation was superb, with nothing left to chance and I wish to thank everyone for their help on the day. The patience shown by you and your team was incredible, especially when I kept stalling the bike initially!!

I would highly recommend anyone who is a speedway fan to take the plunge and have a go, the day represents fantastic value for money and is a wonderful experience.

I can now say I have ridden the hallowed shale of Arena Essex, ridden by so many great riders beforehand.

Thanks once again.


Roger Squires - Kingston (Arena Essex 14.9.12)

Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant day yesterday , I have followed speedway since the 1960,s and never thought I would get to ride one of the bikes, but with your help it happened and was without doubt one of the best experiences of my life and as I am now 60 years old , I have had a few memorable events but this tops them all. The people that help with the day were brilliant and friendly and nothing was too much trouble. I hope to be able to come back and do it again in the near future , but in the meantime I will be recommending the experience to everybody that I know .

Thanks very much for a memorable day


Sarah Warner - Brinklow (Martin Warner - Coventry 31.8.12)

Firstly, just a massive thank you for a fantastic day at Coventry on the 31st of Aug! Martin had a fab time and really enjoyed every minute. I felt that the day was so well run and was really impressed with the amount of time and preparation that had gone into the day. I have recommended you to so many people! Even if it took 3 weeks for him to feel normal again after coming off twice! My nerves were shot at the end of the day!

Many thanks again for a great day.


Lisa Swann - Matchborough, Redditch (Paul Swann - Coventry 31.8.12)

I think I may have started something by contacting you & getting Paul the track day for a present as he is now the proud owner of a new pair of Gloves, Goggles, Boots & helmet (all of which I'm informed is just the start) bought for his new hobby! My daughter & I loved the day too (Lauren (8) is already asking about when she can have a go!!!).

The whole day was made perfect by the whole friendly, approachable, professional team you had around you, the bikes, the way you made safety a paramount & the obvious care & attention to detail everyone involved just had down to a T (Particularly yourself & Claire). I would highly recommend the whole experience as a value for money event which made my hubby a very happy man as he got the opportunity to take part in a sport which he has previously been an avid fan of, from the sidelines, for many, many years!!!! I think the valuable behind the scenes experience also gave him a taster as to just how much is involved in his much loved speedway which I think enhanced his existing appreciation of the ability and skill the of professionals who make it all seem so effortless!

I don't think that I can thank you enough & seriously look forwards to when we see you all in November!


Steve Scott - Long Eaton (Coventry 31.8.12)

Having watched speedway at Long Eaton in the 70’s and 80’s, always wondered what it would be like to have a go.
Then at the BMF rally when I saw your stand, I had no hesitation in signing up with you for a go.
Everything was brilliant, from start to finish
The instruction, tuition and demonstrations were all to a high standard, gradually bringing us all up too speed as to what is required to drift on two wheels.
So much to remember, and balls of steel required to open the throttle when so close to the fence.
What an adrenaline buzz, and like you advised, God did I ache the next day
So an enormous thanks to you both and the rest of your support team
An absolute amazing day

So will be back next year, as for personal satisfaction I have to get a proper drift done and get the full adrenaline buzz that it will give.
Just let me know when Brandon is being booked…
Got a couple of mates that have said they will now have a go, as I survived!!


Mike Woodcock - Ellesmere Port (Coventry 31.8.12)

Thanks for an amazing day at Coventry last Friday. Back at work today a bit battered and bruised from my fall but can't stop telling everyone who will listen what a great experience it was.
The day was well organised and everyone was very supportive and full of tips and encouragement, especially Russ and you can tell how passionate he is at getting everyone the best day possible.
The only feedback if it helps was that a couple of the spills were caused after the bikes wobbled coming out of the straights so you could mention the best course of action to take during the first demo.
Hope the guy who came off is recovering ok but sincerely hope that nothing about the day changes. Looking forward to booking my next day when funds allow. As I said on the day if you ever come to Belle Vue and need anyone to be part of the support team please contact me as I would love to be a part.
Once again many thanks to everyone and looking forward to the photos.


Martin Hills - Polegate (Coventry 31.8.12)

Thanks for a great day at Brandon - I really feel that I achieved something - it's time to raid the piggy bank and see if I can afford a bike!


Julie Cottom - Coventry (Michael Cottom - Coventry 31.8.12)

I just wanted to let you and your fantastic team know what an awesome day Michael had yesterday (aug 31st brandon coventry ) he loved every minute of it ,and is itching to do more.
The whole day from start to finish was brilliant ,your attention to detail is superb with safety being a number one priority
I can honestly say Michael hasn't stopped smiling since ,it completely made his birthday so special, making his dream come true, especially with all the positive feedback you gave him and of course not to mention the cake which was a lovely touch. thank you so much for an awesome day .
I just typed in randomly Brandon speedway track days not expecting anything to come up , but your name came up ,so I clicked on the link ,and it was exactly what I was looking for ,I was a bit anxious to start with as people tend to promise a lot but not deliver ,but I would like to say you completely surpassed all expectation so what i'm really trying to say if anyone wants to know if this is worth the money and a great day you will not be disappointed
Please, please can you let us know when you will be in the midlands again , thanks once again


Mairi Gillis - Galashiels, Scottish Borders (Arena Essex 17.8.12)

Just thought I'd drop you an email to let you know what I thought about the speedway day. It was AWESOME! Really was! I had such a good time. It was well worth it. All your team were so friendly and helpful and I loved the positive attitude that everyone had! Obviously getting to ride and slide a speedway bike was one of the highlights of the day, but I think everyone being so friendly had to be another one for me! Just made my day! It was just brilliant. I think I'm a bit lost for words really. Definitely got me hooked!

Keep up the good work!!


Samantha Field - Benfleet (Arena Essex 17.8.12)

I have had time to reflect on the day and I'm still on a high from it can I just say that it was a thrilling day and I felt in safe hands.
The day was well presented and I felt I was looked after extremely well can you pass on my thanks to your team who put me at ease and I didn't feel rushed in any way I'm hoping that when you do another ladies day at arena I will be able to attend as I can't wait to get back on the track.
I will keep my eye out for the next lot of dates that hopefully you will do.
Everybody made my day amazing and I couldn't stop smiling I still get excited when I think back that with your help I did something which I never thought I would have the guts to do.


Pam Amison - Bexley Heath (Arena Essex 17.8.12)

I am e mailing you to say thanks for a great day, I really enjoyed it and it was great to have a lovely group of girls as well!

You asked us to think of any observations, etc and I have to admit I can't think of anything which would have made the day better or run more smoothly. I was particularly impressed with how clean all the stuff was, amazing considering all the dust.

I have my eye on the day at Kings Lynn on Sunday 11th November, are there any places available?

Thanks again for a great day and please pass on my thanks to Claire and Heather, and everyone else.


Charlotte ('pocket rocket') Scott - Hornchurch (Arena Essex 17.8.12)

Hiya, just wanted to email to say I had an amazing time at the ladies only day. Everyone was so friendly, helpful, made me feel very welcome and went through any safety instruction very clearly.
I don't have anything to suggest to improve on as I thought you all did a great job!
Thank you for the great day, I would certainly recommend to others & I would definitely do it again!


Sarah McWalter - Castle Bromwich (Arena Essex 17.8.12)

Just wanted to say how fantastic yesterday was at the Ladies Speedway. My mom loved it and now wants to do it again! It was really well organised and it was brilliant that they got so much time on the track. She said that she was really impressed with your staff and how they were so encouraging and made you feel like you were a great rider. Thank you for an excellent day and making my mom's birthday one to remember.


Stuart Folwell - Milton Keynes (Coventry 8.8.12)

Firstly can i saw a huge thank you for a great day at Coventry it was the best day i have ever had. I have tried single seater racing cars at Silverstone & other driving experiences but this day far surpassed any of those. I have been following speedway since it started in Milton Keynes in 1978 so this was a childhood dream come true (SCARRY AT TIMES BUT FUN).

Once again thanks for a fantastic day & if you ever get the 80cc for kids off the ground i'm sure two of my boys will be there in a shot


Steve Hollidge - Tewkesbury (Coventry 8.8.12)

I just like to thank you both, and of course your team of helpers, who made the speedway experience a fantastic day!!!
This has been a dream of mine 40 years in the making never in my widest dreams did I believe that one day I would be riding a speedway bike on such a famous speedway stadium.

The day went far to quickly, well organised both on and off the track.

Keep up the great work!!!!

Unfortunately my knee injury involved damage to the tendons, but a small price to pay for such a great day.

Good news the knee is on the mend and look forward, as soon as my knee is better, booking another day with you.

Many thanks again


Brian Hamilton - Oxford (Coventry 8.8.12)

Just a line to say how much I really enjoyed the day at Brandon last Wednesday, It is something I will always remember. I have been visiting Brandon to watch Oxford Cheetahs and other individual events since 1960 and never dreamed that I would get a chance to ride a speedway bike there.

The day was very well organised and your whole team made us all so welcome so please thank them all so much.

Most of all thank you both so much.


Dean Redmond - Northampton (Coventry 8.8.12)

We had an awesome time, me and Mark have been talking today about getting rid of the MX bikes and going amateur racing! When you asked at the end for any suggestions on how to improve, we really couldn't think of anything, it was spot on!


Mark Thompson - Northampton (Coventry 8.8.12)

Firstly thanks for a great day yesterday. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it, that much I can’t wait to have another go!!

I’ve been giving Dean stick for years over speedway, “just rev & turn left” , now I want to pack up the mx racing and buy one. ha ha


Marc Websdale - Weedon Bec (Coventry 8.8.12)

I would just like to say THANKYOU SO MUCH to you both and the team who work with you all amazing people. Not just saying this but out of the 3 days I've now done with schools Ride n Slide is way way top of the league, only Nygren and Powerslide I did before but was no where near as good as yesterdays, the whole event even from contact with signing up to ending yesterday has been NO1 always respond to emails ect or keep us up to date, the team are amazing with helping all through the day and to get kit ready or packing away, never a moment where we had no bike to use was always someone repairing one or sorting another, I'm still buzzing today Thursday, have a sore butt from my fall but I'll get over that lol, and just ache ha-ha, so so pleased I was there and I'll be back to do more as I just loved it all and felt very welcome and comfy.
Food and drinks was lovely and the presentation was great to nice to keep. Over all there's no faults in my eyes just all 100% perfect. I've some great onboard footage with the helmet cam I borrowed, even with my fall it looks great ha !. And the practice starts WOW my first time ever doing them and what a huge buzz it gave me and ended up doing 3 starts amazing.

Thankyou all once again for making my day and dream come true being at Coventry, and I'll be back soon as I can.


Simon Cook - Worcester (Leicester 11.7.12)

Just wanted to drop you a line and say a massive thank you for the recent track day at Leicester... the day from start to finish was just brilliant. It has been a dream of mine to not only ride a speedway bike but also the fact that you get to spend time with the support team/previous riders/mechanics was simply 1st class.

Safety is paramount and taken very seriously, however you guys all seem to realise what a thrill everyone has getting up close and personal and balanced that perfectly with the safety aspect of what is clearly a dangerous sport.

The advise and guidance from Karl was fantastic and he really encouraged me, and gave me the belief that I could slide these fantastic machines if I just pushed harder...He must have had some faith in me - standing on the bend in the middle of the track with me hurtling towards him takes a very brave or mad man - ha ha!!

If there are any last minute spaces on the 8th August please give me a call - I cannot wait to get back on one of those bikes - hopefully I will leave the front wheel intact next time!

Thanks again - amazing experience!!


Gareth Davies - Sulby, Isle of Man (Leicester 11.7.12)

Finally back home on the Isle of Man and still on a high from last Wednesday at Leicester. What a fantastic day, extremely well organised and very professional. As I mentioned to Clare on the day I had previously attended the Powerslide School at Kings Lynn, but the day spent with you and your team was ten times better.

The enthusiasm from everyone involved was truly infectious and made for an exciting day for all. I must add a special thank you to Karl who mentored me throughout the day, what a great guy. Chatting to him and young Adam throughout the day has expanded my knowledge of behind the scenes and some of the technical aspects of Speedway which was as interesting as the riding.

The problem is though it is really addictive and I am already thinking of when to return. Probably not this year but hopefully a couple of times next year as I want to learn and progress more. Might even have to look into getting a bike of my own!!!!

So once again a big thank you and congratulations on having such a fantastic facility. Should you ever find yourselves in our neck of the woods or fancy a trip to see the TT in the future then please let us know as we would love to see you, we have plenty of room.


Vicky & Colin Bainbridge - Thurmaston (Leicester 11.7.12)

I have tried other experience days in the past (not just speedway) and they have varied from very little activity time to pushy and impatient staff who can make you feel slightly stupid if you don't pick up the 'activity' immediately. This day was the complete opposite - the best experience day I have ever had. I have watched speedway for years and the chance to actually have a go was fantastic - and I now have a new found admiration for all the amateurs and professionals who do this week in week out!

Russ, Claire and all of the support staff were so incredibly welcoming and friendly - they were born to do this kind of thing and managed to run a warm, educational and fun day that catered to all levels within the group of 16 without patronising or boring anyone. My wife came to watch and felt so welcome, and we were both so well looked after throughout the day. I got a lot more track time than I thought and really learnt some techniques from all the staff throughout the day.

Everything was thought of, from food and drink on hand all day to the pre packaged bags of clothing and running order. Those who had accidents were cared for immediately and everyone's welfare and enjoyment seemed to come first. Even a slight drizzle didn't stop us and Russ's enthusiasm never dropped for a moment.

The follow up phone call a few days after to see how I as recovering from my bump was so thoughtful and touching that we weren't forgotten the minute we had disappeared.

The framed group photo certificate was the perfect reminder of the day and is in pride of place in the hallway.

A really memorable day with fantastic organisation, I honestly can't recommend this day enough. Sincerely wishing you all the best for the future,


Colin Bainbridge - Thurmaston (Leicester 11.7.12)

Thank you and all your team for a once in a life time experience along with my sincere appreciation of the professionalism that all of you showed.
Can now say "been there and done it". Brain may want to do again but not body.
(i did sign the disclaimer form)


Stefan Davies - Leicester (Leicester 11.7.12)

I'd like to thank you for an excellent experience. You have delivered exactly what you advertise, 'a fully inclusive experience' I would have liked more track time but what would incur a greater cost. Overall there isn't a thing I would change. I've learnt something new and I can't wait to do it again, hopefully with more speed.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your team again


Stuart Kellie - Liskeard (Plymouth 23.6.12)

Firstly a very big thank you for the excellently arranged Ride n Slide day last week in Plymouth.

The only word to describe the day was 'AMAZING' you all managed to make all of us welcome and we were all able to fulfil our dreams at different levels. Everything was so very professional and your encouragement meant a lot even after falling off! The demonstration was an absolutely perfect way to show us how it should be done and was timed perfectly just after our first ride.
I think the only thing a couple of us mentioned was that we would have liked was an extra race at the end, especially as I fell off on mine!

Please badger Mike Bowden to come back because I know many of us would be very interested in another go.

Although I have to admit one thing... I ended up in A&E on Sunday suspected broken bone in my shoulder, although it turned out to be only damaged muscles in that region, at least its given me a week off work (awesome!).

Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved, I'm still wearing a smile!


Trevor Hammerton - St Austell (Plymouth 23.6.12)

I would like to thank you very much for a brilliant second day with you at Plymouth on 23 June The thrill of riding a speedway bike almost like some of my heroes was without doubt an experience I will not forget and it was thanks to you and your team that I was able to enjoy it so much.
You had the day organised very well again and I cannot fault anything from the safety talk at the beginning of the day to the presentation at the end
Your team as usual were very helpful and full of encouragement and tips which gave me the confidence to improve every time I went on to track and the chance to “race” against Martin at the end really made the day for me
I will definitely be having another go if you come to Plymouth next season and am trying to arrange a trip to Kings Lynn for a Plus day if I can
Finally all I can say is that 1. I,am sort of glad that these days were not available in the 60,s or my sporting life may have been different
And 2. just keep doing these days and you may encourage a future British world champion to emerge


Norman Johns - Helston, Cornwall (Plymouth 23.6.12)

Having been at Plymouth last Saturday, can I please thank yourselves and all your supporting staff plus Mike Bowden and his staff for putting on a great day for all us amateur sliders. From my own point of view, as a 51 year old who had never ridden any kind of motor cycle in my life, it was a chance to try something that I could never have done without Ride N Slide Dayz. Russell's help advice and encouragement was superb, Martin's demos were great to watch (hopefully a future star in the making, and very helpful with advice too.) The track was in good condition for us all, (Nigel Prynne always has produced a good track, as I remember from Clay Country) and all the staff were very helpful and supportive. My own progress was much better than I expected, though I'll never be a threat to Greg Hancock, but some of the younger guys were sliding quite well by the end, most of us managed to slide a little, do a start without pulling a wheelie, and experience falling off at some point, so I guess we were trying hard, and I'm sure we all learned a lot within one day. In summary, good equipment, good track, helpful staff, good guidance, lots of support from other riders and supporters, lots of encouragement from all the staff (nothing was too much trouble), expert medical care on hand (particularly my hand, having paid an unintended visit to the safety fence, still have a sore finger now but swelling has gone down and I'm typing this with it). I think we all had a fantastic time, great value for money, I think I might even try it again sometime, as I want to improve that slide a bit.


Kevin Steele - King's Lynn (King's Lynn 9.5.12)

The aching has gone, the bruises have almost gone but the memories are still strong, just to say that I had a great time at the Norfolk Arena on the 9th June. Its been said before but it was great to be the other side of the fence for a change especially at my home track and it has given me more respect for the guys who do speedway for real.
A big thank you to you and everybody involved in the day nothing was too much trouble for them always there for help and advice, it added to an already enjoyable day.
I wish I had that extra little bit of confidence to hold the throttle open going into the bends but was pleased with my efforts having not sat on a bike for about 32 years, I must admit that it was a bit nervy rolling up to the line for my last start after ending up on my back on the one previous but I had give it another go, I will definitely be considering having another go at some point and will try and persuade my son to come along as well.
Thank you for a well organised and enjoyable day.


Tony Raybould - Kingswinford, W. Mids (King's Lynn 9.6.12)

Just a quick thank you for looking after Andrew so well on Saturday. It was fascinating to sit and watch his progress during the day and see his confidence grow each time he got onto the bike. Above all it was done in such a safe way in taking someone who had never ridden a motor cycle in his life to finishing the day just some 5 hours later making a gate on a 500cc speedway machine. All of your team that were involved dealt with him in just the right way to give him the knowledge, skills and encouragement to make it such a successful day. Equally important too is that he really enjoyed the whole experience.

Once again many thanks and will see you soon.


Rob Muir - Wimbush, Essex (Leicester 15.4.12)

Well what can I say! My 2nd training school with you and it was even better than the first!!. Even though I was having a bad day & my confidence was low you & the team made me feel like I’d won a grand prix every time I came back in!, the enthusiasm you guys have for the training schools is just so infectious & I just can’t wait to come back and have another go!, I think everything you & Karl have told me is slowly starting to sink in!!! Just need to order a couple of steel ball bearings and I’ll be fine!!!

It was great to see the progress of others that have attended your other training schools, the ride you had with Jacek was just amazing & it certainly gave me a boost to keep trying!!

Once again thank you so much for your time & patience your training school is simply number 1!!!


Dan Ball - Iver Heath (Leicester 15.4.12)

Once again, what an amazing day!

It really was flawless like the last one, and it's an amazing feeling being so much more confident on the bike, and being encouraged to progress so much. I can't thank Russ and all the experts enough for all the crucial advice they pass on.

It is so well organised (big respect to Heather and her trusty clipboard!) that we really don't have to worry about anything other than getting the thing sliding, which is perfect. The catering/equipment team were great, and we didn't need to ask for anything, it was all just there and ready. Perfect!

One point which may be useful, and only time-permitting, would be a pre-ride track walk. I loved how different Leicester was to Lakeside (makes me feel like a real speedway rider!) so it may be good to all be walked round and told about the uniqueness of the track, although that may just interest Speedway geeks like myself. And of course, I can understand that time is tight so this may not be feasible.

A special huge thanks to everyone for making Jo feel so relaxed and confident about her first time on a bike, I was amazed by her debut attempt and can't thank you lot enough for making it so easy and fun.
She is still smiling and re-living each bend, and was blown away by how friendly and knowledgable everyone was. She is well and truly hooked!

We will both be back, that's for sure!


Neil McDermott - Sydney, Australia (Leicester 15.4.12)

Just a quick note to say thanks for a great day yesterday. You and your team organized a very professional occasion - it was a slick programme focused on the riders. Please pass on my thanks to all involved.

I know I'll never be another Jason Crump (in fact I rode more like Jason Donovan!) but I'd love to have another go one day. I felt more confident on the final ride of the day and would love to try again. Perhaps next time I'm over in England will coincide with one of your race days.


Joanna Grimshaw - Chalfont St Peters (Leicester 15.04.12)

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Russ and his fabulous team for an amazing day. Lots of love to Heather for being my lovely motivating mother figure, please invest in buying her a big warm coat because I wouldn't want her to freeze to death on the job that she does so well ;)

I thought the whole day was run really efficiently ensuring things were done safely and punctual with a BIG element of fun! As a first time rider I wasn’t pushed into anything I didn’t want to do or put under any pressure at any time but you motivated me through advice and praise to want to push myself and do the best I could.

Over all you’re a lovely bunch of people that have got me hooked on riding a speedway bike and I will be back and getting that back out :) (Eventually)

See you soon and thanks again,


Steve Ball - Iver Heath (Arena Essex 22.3.12)

Firstly, the day was without doubt the best of it’s type that I have experienced with a very professional set-up covering everything from the bikes, the kit, the tuition, the food and refreshments, all supported by a superb team who couldn’t do enough for us, with a friendly welcome and great interaction all day.

The atmosphere was perfect, with the emphasis on safety very clear but combined with enough flexibility to allow everyone to enjoy themselves within those primary rules. That is always a difficult balance to strike, with it far too easily swinging either towards recklessness or the other way towards stifling everyone’s fun. You guys got it absolutely spot-on, as I think you would be able to see from the smiles on everyone's faces and no incidents.

The day itself went far too quickly of course, but the slickness of the operation with bikes on track pretty much all the time meant that we certainly got a lot of rides in. Top marks to Heather (I think) for managing the groups so well as riders’ abilities changed and bikes came and went (sorry about the 350 seizure!) – a thankless task but one executed so well.

The format was absolutely perfect, with an initial run-out for everyone followed by the great demo from Russ showing the stages to go through. This is something I’ve not seen before and it certainly gave a clear path to follow with each run-out, rather than just opening the throttle and hoping.

For me the added dimension that made it such a special day was bringing the starting and ‘racing’ into the mix. That was when it really felt like being a speedway rider, and I will certainly never forget the exhilaration (!?!?) of hurtling towards the bend not being able to find the footrest.

Throughout the day the encouragement and guidance from Russ, Karl, Steve, Martin, etc. was invaluable, passing on some great tips on technique but also sometimes just giving the confidence to go that little bit quicker. It certainly made the difference between going through the motions and actually making some progress. Thanks to everyone for that, and I certainly feel that I improved, along with Dan, to the point where we could start to relax a bit on the bike and have some fun.

A special word here about the refreshments. The provision of water, bananas, and chocolate was most welcome and a really good touch. It certainly helped us to get through the day without fatigue. Top marks also to the catering staff for a good lunch which also set us up well for the afternoon session.

Finally, a word of thanks also to the St Johns people who did an excellent job, and the track staff for preparing and maintaining such a nice track. Also a special thanks to the Ride n Slide team for the unseen work both before the event but also afterwards with cleaning the kit and the bikes. I know from taking the Moto-X bikes out for a couple of hours how much work is needed afterwards to clean everything and prepare it for the next time.

I can’t really think of anything more that I would want from the day. I certainly felt we got the full experience, and for me I think I was only missing a tape exclusion, having raced, fallen, been to the ambulance, seized a bike and even given my ‘teammate’ a lift back to the pits – absolutely brilliant !! Add to that a nice certificate to take home afterwards and it was perfect. Very well done !

Can I think of anything that you can improve ? Absolutely not, the whole show from website, booking, execution on the day, and closing ceremony was perfect.

Will I be coming again ? You bet !


Rob Muir - Wimbush, Essex (Arena Essex - 22.3.12)

Just a quick email to say how amazing your training day was on the 22nd. after not having sat on any sort of bike for 2 years I was extremely nervous but from the minute we arrived you & your wonderful team just blew all that away! nothing was too much trouble for any of them, your contribution on track was just fantastic, after attending 1 other so called training school and putting in many laps I never thought it was possible for me to get that slide going, 3rd ride with you and bingo!!!!!. So with that new found confidence please may I book a place on the UK's number 1 training school for the 9th of June please!!!!!!!!


Dan Ball - Iver Heath (Arena Essex - 22.3.12)

As you know, my dad (Steve) wrote you guys an email, and I also spoke to Russ on the phone, but I wanted to thank you again for such an amazing day.
It really was one of the best days of my life, and could not of been better (apart from having to stop!).

Every single aspect was perfect; the kit, the team, the teaching, the advice etc. It was all spot on.

So, without wanting to waffle, thanks again, please, please keep doing what you do, and I will DEFINITELY be back. Plus, I need to get one over on my dad!

Thanks again,


Shaun Crawley - Orpington (Arena Essex 22.3.12)

Just want to say a fantastic day well run and very friendly people nothing to much trouble. Would recommend the day to anyone.
Do you still have a vacancy for the 4th May at lakeside as enjoyed last weeks one and would like to do your next one at lakeside?


Peter Deal - Hornchurch (Arena Essex - 22.3.12)

What a day that was, fantastic!!!!! Michael and myself thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, sunshine, speedway track, great equipment, good company and our dreams come true. Mike said he would like to do it again something about unfinished business and I certainly want another go so we’ll check the dates and rebook!


Ken Ambrose - Essex (Arena Essex 22.3.12)

What a day out, terrific ! thanks so much looking after my lad, he's over the moon and wants to do it again, mate, you have got a good hard working outfit, including Claire, good girl. I will put it about what your company is like, at every opportunity, when we start watching the Hammers, Matt will know what it's like to ride the track, what an experience, I wish I was a bit younger !!


Martin Hills - Polegate (Kings Lynn 19.11.11)

A great day - even though I fell off a lot! (winning made up for that!)
I think things ran a bit more smoothly than at Arena Essex (unlike my riding), the whiteboard with riders names and numbers helped.
Once again, thanks for a great day, I'll be back - and may well become a Dragon as well.


Stephen Masters - Halifax (Kings Lynn 19.11.11)

Thanks for the promised pictures, they are a great memory of a truly fantastic day, it was well organised, and timed to perfection so everyone got some good track time in, and Russ was a real professional, and some teacher.
Everything was good, from the riding gear fitting out to the lunch, we will certainly be back next year, though it seems we might be 3 persons next time not two.
Good luck with your venture, its spot on.


Allan Shallcross - Herne Bay (Kings Lynn 19.11.11)

I would like to thank you both and everyone else for one of the best experiences I have ever had on a bike. It was amazing to see the set up and the number of people involved to make it work, in a professional and efficient manner. Especially knowing some are giving up their time to help out if required. The day was pretty slick and the enjoyment had by all seemed to grow from minute to minute. It was a great idea to be able to run directly from the centre circle rather than from the pits and using the white board to get everyone into some kind of order certainly helped. I know this may not be possible at every track you go to, but definitely worth doing when you can. The offer of help from the team and watching and listen to others was invaluable. It’s amazing how you can take up to 20 people and they all come together after one common goal, to have fun and get the bike sideways.

Although I didn’t make it on to the 500s, the 350s gave me plenty of experience, fun and exhilaration all rolled into one. I found though, just as I was getting one element right the other elements were going wrong and transferring from a road bike to a speedway bike, the amount of times I went for the clutch was just getting silly. Still, you live and learn and by my third outing the clutch was history, I was just desperate to get the rear wheel sliding. The gate starts were great and gave you an insight in to what you could be doing in the future and I totally forgot about my nerves lining up against others and riding with two or more on the track at the same time.

What a brilliant day, I hope this continues for a long long time and lots of people get the chance to share in this amazing experience.


Mark Francis - Chelmsford (Arena Essex 30.9.11)

Just would like to pass on my thanks to you and your team for making this experience day an enjoyable one, was really surprised just how many people were involved in making the day work and it really says professionalism written all over it and i imagine you must be very proud with the setup including the bikes and kit etc that you have to hand as well as the sheer man power.
I could feel myself growing in confidence as the day wore on and as much as i was tempted before the day to go out on a 500 at some point i knew that it is far better not to try and run before you can walk because that's when accidents can happen.
You know its been a good day when at the end your left thinking "i want to get back out there"


Jacek Podlasinski - London E11 (Arena Essex 30.9.11)

I would really like to thank you for this fantastic day.
I had a lot of fun and i'm really looking forward to seeing you at Kings Lynn on 19 november.
From my point of view the whole day was organised in a really professional way, staff was really really friendly, the bikes and the track every thing was just perfect.
I'm really happy and even my wife wasn't bored ;]


Scott Butler - Braunton, Devon (Arena Essex - 30.9.11)

"a truly well organised day where you feel in safe and enthusiastic hands at all times while getting an adrenaline rush that you have to feel to believe!"


Percy Dickson - London E17 (Arena Essex 30.9.11)

Thank you for a great experience.


Richard Brommell - Tilehurst (Arena Essex 30.9.11)

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for such a brilliant 'ride n slide' day on the 30th September, please also pass my thanks on to the rest of the guys and girls who helped out and made it a birthday to remember.

I've done a few experience days in my time but frankly this one blew them out of the water, it was great fun and has really made me appreciate the skill and passion that guys like you have and use every week at the speedway tracks, truly impressive.

I really couldn't think of a better introduction to speedway riding, although next time I think i'll try not to do the amateur acrobatics into and over the airfence! I wouldn't hesitate to recommended 'ride n slide dayz' to anyone, a fantastic day, run by fantastic people.


Martin Brommell - Reading (Richards Dad )

A quick note to say a very big thank you for the superb Speedway RideNSlideDayz experience you organised last Friday.

My son Richard had a day to remember including his major pile up into the air bag wall and a couple of slides on his backside !!! None of his incidents seemed to deter him from getting the most from the day and he really enjoyed the experience which was good value for money.

It was a well organised day with a great team of guys on hand to help everyone out, a fabulous track, great bikes to ride, good grub and plenty of water to keep the riders going and weather to die for !!

The lovely little touch of making a birthday cake for my son’s 30th birthday was very special and really meant a lot – so thank you so much for being so thoughtful. Thank you also for ringing Richard over the weekend to make sure he was ok following his spectacular aerobatic display into the airbags – that was also very thoughtful. Overall a great experience and thank you again for the little touches you and your team put into making the whole day very special.


Alec Wright - Bromsgrove (Rode at Arena Essex 19.8.11)

Great day yesterday, really started something now!!!! Thanks for all the hard work and riding advice.

"There is no better way to get into speedway ! , I been trying for weeks to get my bum on a seat and it was well worth the wait,
filled with nerves and not knowing how the day would go, you gave instruction from riding the bike, to sliding and gate start techniques,
in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Great people, Great day, Great experience !!"


Steve Webb - Braintree (Arena Essex 19.8.11)

Thank you for a fantastic and well organized day. The bikes, equipment and tuition were all first class, as was the weather. Not being on a bike at those speeds for over 30 years i was a bit apprehensive to say the least, but the grading system put riders of similar ability out together which meant you could concentrate on what you were doing rather than worry about either losing or gaining ground on others out with you. The confidence gained means i will definitely be booking again and may even get on a 500 next time so take the hour hand off your stopwatch !!


Mark Lee - Esher (Arena Essex 19.8.11)

I thought I worked hard but you lot take the biscuit.

We really had a great day and a fantastic introduction to a completely new type of riding for me. I must compliment you on your patience and encouragement throughout the day. It was clear just how much care and effort everyone was putting in. I didn't envy those lads pushing those machines up and down in that sun.

Though I enjoyed the riding, the highlight of the whole day for me was the exhibition you put on at the end. Truly superb.

Thanks to all the team,


Tony Hoare - Bike Magazine (Kings Lynn 19.5.11)

How to fulfil a lifelong dream for the price of a posh hotel for the night.


Bruce Wilson - Motorcycle Sport & Leisure Magazine (Kings Lynn 19.5.11)

Crashing was all part of the fun. This is motorcyclings best kept secret !


Chris Gay - SCB Referee (Kings Lynn - 19.5.11)

Today shows you're never too old ! It was great fun and very well organised.


Stephen Smith - Stevenage (Kings Lynn 19.5.11)

Wanted to do this when I was ten, I wish I could go back in time, I loved it ! Can't wait till the next one !


Paul Burbidge - Speedway Star Magazine (Kings Lynn 19.5.11)

Russell and his team performed a minor miracle ! They took an unco-ordinated journalist with no prior motorcycle experience and turned him into a speedway rider for the day, fantastic !


Matt Hull - RIDE Magazine (Kings Lynn 19.5.11)

Thoroughly great fun ! A new and exciting thing in motorcycling, I think all bikers should give it a try.


Lisa-Anne Smith - Stevenage (Rode at K/Lynn 19.5.11)

Having never been on a bike before it was an exciting experience and definitely one to do again


Mark Dutnall - Harlow (Kings Lynn 19.5.11)

Super adrenaline fuelled day, I‘ve loved every minute!


Steve Brown - Harlow (Kings Lynn 19.5.11)

It’s a great chance to be part of a sport that I’ve always regarded as a spectator sport. A great day of fun


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