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Schedule of the Day

Start with a briefing for the day including safety rules and an introduction to the bikes

Out on track you will develop your skills and experience riding a speedway bike

Starting on a 125cc speedway bike to learn the art of powersliding

Then moving onto a 350cc speedway bike to get used to the power

Later moving onto a 500cc speedway bike to experience the real deal

Learn the basics such as controlling your speed, sliding sideways and gate starts

All equipment including bike hire, riding kit and tuition from instructors is included


For start time of 11am

9:30am......Arrival at track and signing on. The signing on procedure involves you completing an indemnity form

10:00am....Get kitted out. This involves being issued your riding kit for the day including, body armour, kelvar/leather riding suit,
....................helmet, goggles, gloves and boots

Time to get changed, warm yourself up and s-t-r-e-t-c-h o-u-t

10:45am....Safety Briefing. The briefing is mandatory to all riders that attend the experience day. Any rider who does not attend will
....................not be allowed out on track. A typical briefing will cover the following points:

Lets hit the track!

11.00am.....Time to know the bikes – detailed explanation of how the bikes work

11.15am.....Starting on a 125/350cc bike, learning to

Lets go for it!

13:00pm.....Either on a 350cc bike or for those who feel more confident moving up a full 500cc speedway bike, learning to:

15:00pm......Change out of riding equipment and check back in

15:30pm......De-brief – finish and presentation of momento and buffet lunch

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